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Hammers International for Light Transportation Industry established on
2000 by a 21 years’ experience of 2 wheels industry occupying the
position of the leading leisure industrial group of two wheels at middle
east atan annual production of 50,000 units a year under the
manufacturing and distribution rights of sanyang sym ,SYM is the
brandthat embodies Sanyang’s insistence on human touch and product quality.

The Company has been listening to the needs of customers, 
utilizing professionalism and advanced technologies to realize her
dream of ideal riding experience. Sanyang will never compromise
her brand promise, “Marvelous Technology and Marvelous Life”, 
nor will she forsake the commitment that customers will see her 
increasingly refined products and services in every step she takes
Management Principles.

2015 Management Principles:
· Focusing on core businesses.
· Innovating and Integrating products.
· Establishing an environment of teamwork.

established at 2000 located in Cairo industrial zone ,
the factory is 500 employee leading the production of the brand sym 
in Egypt under cooperation with Sanyang Motor  Co., Ltd. 

What’s hammers 
hammers is licensed by sanyang global for the industrial manufacture
of SYM Brand Products under license and under technical support of sanyang
for frame and engine manufacturing in Egypt territory adopting the high Tec.
Robotic and CNC locally in Egypt