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R&D Philosophy
Based on the principles of green earth, humanity,and knowledge 
economy, SYM R&D demonstrates new energy to the world and 
strives for everlasting innovation.

R&D Vision
Establish excellent R&D technologies and become leading R&D 
base in motor vehicle industry, and to provide products favored
by customers.

100% independently researched and developed products including
lightweight scooters, heavy recreational motorcycles, street 
motorcycles, electric mobility vehicles for general purposes.

‧ Car shape design and industrial product styling design and
‧ Development and manufacturing regarding the molds of various
engines and mechanical processing equipment
‧ Design/planning/manufacturing capability of automatic production 
equipment for motorcycle 
‧ Design and manufacturing of the relevant molds and mechanical 
equipment for 3C industries

R & D Center Future Prospects
‧ Hold the core belief of New Technology Dynamics and endeavor to 
enhance technologies for consecutive environmental protection 
as well as to meet the mobility needs of the general public.
‧ In the next five years, R&D center will expand from the existing 
employees up to a team of 50 professionals, with the investment 
exceedinag .
‧ hammers will proactively invest in development and manufacturing
of high capacity motorcycles, and to keep pace with Japanese 
manufacturers in the next 3 year.